The lowly car key has changed quite a lot in the last 20 years as has the nature of car key replacement and car key replacement cost. In fact, many “keys” are now “Hi-Tech” devices that drivers from 30 years ago wouldn’t even recognize. And many of today’s drivers probably aren’t even aware that there was a time when a car key was a simple, metal mechanical device very similar in use to the old, homely door keys on buildings. Even if you prefer the “Old Fashioned Way” or are perhaps a little “tech-resistant” you should recognize that the evolution of the car key is a good thing for all of us because it is based by and large on making us safer and our cars more secure. Toyota has always been a tech leader and one of their most popular models is the RAV4, so, you RAV4 owners/drivers may consider this an article just for you. Did you know that the RAV4 was introduced in Japan and Europe in 1994 as the first “Crossover SUV” and that it wasn’t called the RAV4 until it reached the American market and was renamed from the Ravufo to the RAV4 which stands for “Recreational Activity Vehicle 4 Wheel Drive”? Now you have a little piece of trivia about your car to tuck away and use at the appropriate time!

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As an enhanced security feature for the RAV Toyota went to the “key fob” (Toyota RAV4 Key Fob Part#: TOY-214) in 2006. The “fob” is the synthetic, non-metal part of the key that houses the “remote control” unit for door locks and in more recent models the remote control for starting and stopping the engine. It may be separate from the mechanical key or incorporated into the key head as a one piece device. You will find this type of key on many of the RAV models from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 even though Toyota introduced the latest “key” iteration, the Toyota Proximity Key or “Toyota Prox Key” in 2009.

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Replacement Toyota Key – Transponder TOY44D-PT

You may think of the Toyota Prox Key as a “Keyless” apparatus because it really basically is. There is no “key blade” that inserts into your steering column or dashboard but, rather, it is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand and is held near the car ignition and the fob “talks to” the onboard computer in the car. When you press “Start”, the fob tells the car that it’s time to start and run. All very safe and very convenient unless you lose or seriously damage your Prox Key or key fob with an actual key blade in it. If that happens you’re going to need car key replacement, preferably cheap car key replacement.

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If you find yourself in the position where you need lost car key replacement or damaged car key replacement for your RAV you’re going to first decide where and by whom you want to have your car keys made. In the case of a lost or damaged “chipped” key for your RAV4 where you have no spare key to program a new key from you can follow one of two courses, going to or getting the car to a Toyota dealership or employing the services of a Mobile Locksmith. You’ll want to go about this in the least expensive way possible so we strongly urge you to take some time to sort out the cost to replace car key. Toyota car key replacement isn’t inexpensive so you need to shop around a little unless you’re faced with an absolute emergency need for key replacement. But here’s a general idea. A Mobile Locksmith will charge in the neighborhood of $30.00-$50.00 for the service call and from $100.00-$200.00 to make the key, so you’re looking at a total of about $130.00-$250.00. A dealership will charge from $150.00- $500.00 for the complete service. But as you are making up your mind, keep in your mind that if you don’t have keys to start and drive the car to the dealership and must have the car towed that’s another substantial expense. Remember that while you might have to get your car to the dealer, a Mobile Locksmith will come to you. And if you have chosen a truly a full service locksmith they will have everything in their mobile units to perform your lost car key replacement, program your replacement car keys if that is required and replace car key by vin number if that must be one of your considerations (your locksmith should be able to advise you on exactly what you need).

Where Can you find Toyota Rav4 key code?

If you have a RAV4 with an actual key with a key blade that inserts into the ignition in the steering column and have lost or destroyed your key there may be a way for you to avoid calling out a mobile locksmith and/or getting the RAV in to a dealership and we want in all fairness to give you a little info on that. You are probably aware that the traditional blade-type key is “Cut” into a key blank using a specific “Key Code” to a specific car. And that key code is available to you. Since 1996 Toyota has stamped their car’s key codes on the door locks. In our experience the code is usually on the passenger door lock, so try looking there first. If you don’t find it on the passenger door lock check the driver’s side. It should be there. Now, we want you to understand that this key code will not be useful for key programming and it will allow a key blade to be cut.

Toyota RAV4 Immobilizer Key Code Reset

The engine immobilizer system is an anti-theft device that became standard equipment on the Rav4 in 2009. The immobilizer system is designed to virtually “immobilize” the engine if the technological link between the key and the car computer has been compromised. When you insert the key into the ignition and the transponder chip signals the car that it’s OK to go ahead and start the engine will only start if the key’s code is the same as the code in the onboard computer. If something has happened to disrupt the “conversation” between the key and the computer the car will not start and the immobilizer system will have to be reset before it will start gain. No doubt you are curious as to whether or not you can reset the immobilizer yourself and, unfortunately, the short answer is “No”. To reset the immobilizer you will need the help of a professional, either a qualified locksmith or the actual dealership.

But remember that a qualified mobile locksmith will come to your location while a dealership most likely will not.

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