What can you do if you lost your mailbox key? Why won’t your mailbox key turn? How can you change your mailbox lock? A mailbox lock is one of the most simple locks to replace. In a case where you need to replace your mailbox lock, all you really need is a screwdriver and pliers. The lock is also inexpensive.

Did you know that you can buy a mailbox lock at many hardware stores or online for a few dollars and replace it yourself?

How do I replace my lost Mailbox key

If you lost the key to your mailbox, moved to a new house, condo, or apartment, and you are the owner or legal tenant, you can rekey or change the lock and the key. If you are a tenant, you will also need to get permission and provide a copy of the key to the owner. You might also have a problem where your mailbox won’t open. If your key won’t turn and you want to replace your mailbox key, in most cases it will be easier to just replace the whole lock. There are three different ways you can replace the lock to your mailbox.

  • The first way, and most convenient and quickest, is to call a locksmith. A locksmith will be able to unlock your mailbox in order to replace the locks right away.They will also provide you with a new key right at your mailbox location. Most locksmiths will charge around $100 or less for this service.
  • The second way is to call the post office. They will be cheaper from a locksmith. In most cases they will ask you to wait a few days to provide this service.
  • The third way will be to replace the lock yourself. Keep in mind that to replace the lock yourself, you will have to have your mailbox unlocked.

How to change a mailbox lock yourself

There are many places you can buy a mailbox lock. You can buy it online, at a hardware store, or at a locksmith shop. Most mailbox locks cost $10 or less and are very easy to replace.
We recommend to try Home Depot or Ace Hardware to buy the lock. Most of the locks will come with instructions on how to install it yourself. Some will be different than others, but below we will give you the general idea on how to replace it:
Remove the clip that is located on the inside of the mailbox door with a screwdriver. Next, remove the lock cylinder and cam through the front of the door. Match the new clip to your old one to make sure they are the same size. Last, re-install the new lock by repeating the same process backward.

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