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Mile High Locksmith ™ is an automotive locksmith located in Denver, Colorado. Since the year 2002 we have been making keys for the Jeep Liberty, by cutting the keys and programming the keys as well as selling key blanks, such as key fobs, and keyless entry remotes. What we have found as the most common problem with Jeep Liberty’s is that people lose or break their keys. We also find that in many Jeep Liberty’s over the years, there is a common problem with the ignition switch. Some of the wafers, which is a part in the ignition switch, get stuck. This prevents the ignition switch from turning. If you experience any of these problems, call Mile High Lock and Key and we will send our mobile locksmith van to your location to help you fix the problem. We would also like to share some information with you below that may help you when trying to solve any problems you may come across with your Jeep Liberty.

Program Jeep Liberty key fob
There are three different ways to program a Jeep Liberty key fob. What is a key fob? A key fob is actually a key that is combined with the remote. It basically looks like a key with push buttons on the key head to unlock the doors, trunk, and has a panic button. Another key a Jeep Liberty will have is a transponder chip key. This is a key that needs to be programmed to your Jeep. The difference between the two will be the price and that the transponder key doesn’t have a remote. Below we will explain what your options are when it comes to programming these keys.

We do find that many people will use only one key to their Jeep. We recommend that you always have two working keys just because that if the key that you are using the most is wearing out but still working, you can take the other working key that is in better condition and copy it in a hardware store, for example Ace Hardware. You can find many places online to buy a new key blank for your Jeep Liberty. Some of the websites we recommend are, and

After you have made a copy of this key, this is what you can do:

(You can program your third key by using your two working keys and the the new key you have just copied.)

Insert one of the old working keys into the Jeep ignition switch and turn it to the ON position, but DO NOT start the engine. Make sure to leave the key in the ON position for longer than 5 seconds, but not more than 15 seconds. Then turn the ignition switch OFF.
Remove the key and insert your second old working key. Again turn the key to the ON position, but DO NOT start the engine. After around 10 seconds, the theft light should light up and you will hear a single sound like a ding sound or chime. Right after the sound, turn the key to the OFF position.
Now your Jeep Liberty is in programming mode. Within one minute or less you have to insert your newly copied key into the Jeep ignition, turn it to the ON position and after 10 seconds, you will will hear the sound again and the theft light will stop. Wait 5 seconds and turn the key to the OFF position.
Now you have programmed your new key to your Jeep Liberty and are done.

Replace lost Jeep Liberty key

If your Jeep Liberty was made in the years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016, and you have lost the key and you do not have a spare key, there are two places that can make you a new Jeep key. One is a Jeep dealership and the other is a locksmith company. There is two differences between the two. The first will be the price. We recommend you shop around for prices. The reason is because the Jeep dealership and the locksmith are using different tools and methods to make the key and this will affect the cost. The second difference is the type of service. A Jeep dealership will ask you to bring in your Liberty which could cost you towing fees, whereas an automotive locksmith will come to wherever your Jeep is located.

Jeep Liberty key stuck or won’t turn in the ignition
There may be times when your key gets stuck or won’t turn in the ignition of your Jeep Liberty. It is a common problem we have dealt with in the past. Many people find themselves having problems turning the key in the ignition to start the engine, but the key is only a little hard to turn so they don’t think it’s a big problem and they keep using the key. From our knowledge and experience if your key didn’t get stuck in your ignition yet, it will. Don’t worry, it has happened many times. There are two ways to fix the problem from our experience. First, we recommend to try to make a new key by key code or VIN number. Many times your key will get stuck in the ignition or will not turn in the ignition because it has just gotten worn out. Making a copy of the key will not fix the problem. Again, we recommend you make a new key by your Jeep Liberty VIN number or key code. The second reason your will not turn or the ignition will get stuck is because one of the wafers, which is a part inside your ignition cylinder, will get stuck. The best fix for that is to call a mobile locksmith.

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