Jeep Commander key replacement

Jeep Commander key replacement

If your Jeep Commander key has broke, or you have just lost the key and have no spare, there are only two places you can have a new key made.

The first one will be at a Jeep dealership and the second will be a locksmith company. The differences between the two is the type of service and the price.
The different services between the the Jeep dealership and the locksmith will be that the Jeep dealership will ask you to bring the Jeep in, whereas the locksmith will be able to come right to you, wherever you are, and make you a new working key at your Jeep’s location.
The cost of making a key between a dealership and a locksmith will always be different. We always recommend to our customers that they shop around between the Jeep dealerships and different locksmith companies.

Jeep Commander key fob
Most Jeep Commanders have a key fob. A key fob is basically a key with push buttons on the key head. The key fob will have buttons to unlock and lock the doors as well as the trunk, and will have a red panic button. Between the years 2005 and 2009 you do not have to have the key fob to start your Jeep. In these years, you can have just a regular transponder chip key which will cost less. If your Jeep Commander was made in the year 2010, you will most likely need to have a Smart key fob.

If you want to duplicate your Jeep key, have lost your key and have no spare, or your key has stopped turning your ignition, we can help. Mile High Lock and Key would like to share some information about common problems you may have with your Jeep Commander, as well as how to make a key copy or replacement key.

Does my Jeep Commander key have a chip?
If your Jeep Commander was made in the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 then your Jeep has a transponder chip key.

Jeep Commander key wont turn
There are a couple of reasons why your key will stop turning your ignition switch or door locks. The most common reason is because your key has just worn out. In this case, the best fix is to have a new key made either by a locksmith or a Jeep dealership. They will use either your Jeep Commander’s VIN number or the Jeep’s key code.
The second most common reason why your key won’t turn is because one of the parts in the ignition or door has gotten stuck. The best way to fix this problem is to have a locksmith rekey your lock.

Spare key for Jeep Commander
What is great about the Jeep Commander is that you can duplicate the key yourself. Before you can duplicate a key however, Jeep is asking that you have two working keys for security reasons. Even though most people only use one key to drive their Jeep every day, we always recommend that everyone has two working keys at home, and this is why:
A common problem with Jeep Commander keys is that over time they get worn out and stop turning your ignition, or they even break.
Usually before the key wears out or breaks, you will be able to actually see it on the key, or it will just start to become harder and harder to use on the ignition. Before your key stops working altogether, you can make a brand new third key, but only if you have two working keys:

First, you need to purchase a new Jeep Commander key. The key needs to be a transponder chip key and you can buy these keys online, at a Jeep dealership, or through a locksmith company.
Select the key that is in the best working condition from your two keys you already have. Copy your old key to the new key you have just purchased. You can have your new key copied at a locksmith store, Ace Hardware, or at a Jeep dealership.
After you have the new key copied, take all three keys, (both old keys, and your new key), to your Jeep.

First, insert one of your old working keys into the ignition switch and turn it to the ON position. In less than 15 seconds, turn the ignition switch to the OFF position and remove the key.
Next, insert your second old working key into the ignition switch and turn it to the ON position. After about 10 seconds you will hear a “ding” sound and the theft security light will start to flash. In less that 5 seconds, turn the key to the OFF position and remove the key.
Then, insert the new key you have just copied into the ignition switch and turn it to the ON position. After about 10 seconds, you will hear the “ding” sound again and the security theft light will stop flashing. Turn the ignition switch OFF and then turn it back ON for another 3 seconds.
Lastly, turn the ignition back OFF and take the new key out. Now your new key has been programed.
You can repeat this process up to 8 times, for 8 new keys.

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