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Mile High Locksmith Colorado Springs™

Mile High Locksmith Colorado Springs™

It looks like every time someone loses their car key or moves to a new home the first call they make is to Mile High Locksmith®.

Car key

With the top equipment for making car keys, programming keys and cutting high security keys, Mile High Locksmith has become one of the most popular locksmith companies for car key replacements in Colorado. It literally takes us only a few minutes to make a key replacement for your car. Our technicians carry the highest level of car key programming machines in their vans and are able to cut car keys by code or by using the VIN number as well as program any key for your car from 1998 all the way until 2017 for most vehicles that are sold in the US. For more information please visit our page Car Key Locksmith.

Key copy
Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Do Not Duplicate key, Sargent and Yale key copy

Moving into new home and changing locks

When you move to a new home, you can never really know who has a copy of your house key. Maybe the dog walker? The landscaping guy? Or the teenage neighbor? It’s also very common to provide keys to a contractor that is working on your house just before you move in. This is why we recommend to our customers that they either rekey or change their house door locks right after they move in and when all the work is done and it is no longer necessary to provide any key copies to anyone accept the people they trust. With our convenient store in Colorado Springs, Mile High Locksmith offers a full stock of locks and key supplies. When you order mobile services from us, our technician will arrive to your location with a fully equipped van and will be able to do any job necessary right on site. He will be able to either rekey or repair your existing locks. The technician will also be able to sell you a new lock right from their van as well as make you as many key copies as you need. If you are wanting to replace your door locks and the lock you are looking for is not in our van, no worries. You will still have full access to Mile High Locksmith’s wide selection of home door locks. Our technician can go back to our store in Colorado Springs and come back to you the same day with the new locks you ordered. For more information about new door locks please visit our Lock Hardware page.

Car locksmith
Car Key Replacement

24 Hour Locksmith

Even though our store hours in Colorado Springs are from 6am to 11pm, you can still schedule a service from us in the early morning hours. Please call us for more information.

Emergency Mobile Locksmith

We can unlock the door for you and make you a new key replacement right on-site. With a $35 service call fee and a $75 unlocking door fee, our technician can be on the way to you and unlock your door in minutes. Fast response time and professional work. Please give us a call for more information or visit our page Lockout service.

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Mobile locksmith service

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