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DIA Employee Parking Lot

Did you lose your car key at the Denver International Airport (DIA)? Are you using Landside services for parking at the Denver International Airport? This is where Mile High Locksmith can help! We can replace your car key right on spot at the employee’s parking, the Landside Parking.

Mobile car key service
Since 1998 many cars require their keys to be programmed to start the car. If you lost the only car key you had and your car is parked at the Landside Employee Parking, Mile High Locksmith can save you time and money. With our fast-mobile locksmith service response time and our 24-hour services, we can replace your car key when you are done with your shift either in the early morning hours or late at night. We do not charge any additional fees for late hours or weekends.
Our mobile locksmith service trucks carry all the keys and key machines needed to be able to provide replacement car keys right on spot. We carry the top equipment for car keys and provide warranties on any key we make.

Acura • Audi • Buick • Cadillac • Chevrolet • Chrysler • Dodge • Fiat • Ford • GMC • Honda • Hummer • Infiniti • Jeep • Lexus • Lincoln • Mazda • Mercury • Mitsubishi • Nissan • Oldsmobile • Plymouth • Pontiac • Scion • Subaru • Toyota • Volkswagen

How can I order service?

  • Be ready with your vehicle’s information.
  • Meet us by the gate to allow access for our technician
  • Be ready with your car’s make, model and year.
  • Have your ID card.

Have one of the three following documents for your vehicle: the vehicle’s registration or title or the owner’s insurance card. (If the documents are locked in the car, our technician will be able to make the key first and look at the documents when the job is done).
We are ready for your call 24 hours, 7 days a week. For immediate service, give us a call and allow our technician between 20 – 45 minutes to arrive at the DIA Landside Employee Parking.

Set up an appointment with Mile High Locksmith
You can set up an appointment to meet our technician by the Landside Employee Parking gate 24 hours, 7 days a week. Give us a call at (720) 248-8087 or Or Contact Us

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