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Mile High Locksmith® offers 24 hours locksmith services in Saint Paul Minnesota, including
  • Locksmith Services
    • 24 Hour Locksmith
    • Mobile Locksmith Services
    • New Door Locks & Car Key Replacement


Mile High Locksmith®
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Locksmith St Paul MN
St Paul Locksmith
St Paul, Minnesota.
Mile High Locksmith store Minnesota

The City Motto of St. Paul is “The Most Livable City in America” and we couldn’t agree more with that! Greetings St. Paul, we are Mile High Locksmith St. Paul! You may not know us, but we know you and we are here to serve you. Did you know that an early name for St. Paul was “Pig Eye landing”? No kidding! Or that the St. Paul Winter Carnival has been going on since 1886, or that Nagasaki Japan is our “Sister City”? We did. Mile High Locksmith knows St. Paul and is a 24 hour locksmith, and that means every hour of every day, including all holidays. We’re also a fully mobile locksmith that serves all 56 square miles of the city from Wheelock Parkway to Pike Island, and from McKnight Road to the Mississippi all the time. All of St. Paul’s 300,000 residents can count on us to bring our premier locksmith services ASAP when we are called. Beyond being a 24 hour locksmith and a mobile locksmith we are a full service locksmith in every way. We’re not just experts at selling, installing and repairing front door locks, we can service or install any lock on any door including car doors. For residences and businesses, we offer lock installation services, lock repair services, rekeying locks services and key replacement services for every door onsite. We can change a lock on a patio door for you or install a locking mailbox and make you mail box keys whether we put in the mailbox or not. If you like to keep a fenced yard or need to keep a fenced business lot we can sell, install and service any type of gate lock with key system, including electronically powered models and remote-controlled systems. And, if you’re having a residential or industrial garage door problem we even perform garage door repair!

For locks on the principal and auxiliary doors on structures we recommend, sell and install the excellent Baldwin locks, Schalge locks, Defiant locks, Kwikset locks and Yale locks. But keep in mind that we can service any lock that you need us to. And we wish to mention that we hold an unparalleled A+ rating from AAA, have over 1000 “5 Star” ratings on Google and are Subscriber Verified & Approved with Home Adviser. And we give all our valued customers certain sureties of which we believe you will approve. First, we are always happy to send one of our perfectly qualified technicians, any time, any day, out to your site to give you a free no obligation estimate for the work that you desire or require. Second, we warranty our work and product for 30 days. And, third, we extend a 3 day no questions asked returns policy on all our work and product. Really, we do- if a customer is dissatisfied and lets us know within 3 days we’ll come and remove everything that we did no questions and no hassle. We aren’t aware of anyone else that will do that. We are your personal and business locksmith St. Paul.

Locks & Keys

Front Door Lock

New Door Locks

You can buy door locks almost anywhere including on online stores and at hardware stores. After you buy the door lock yourself and have a locksmith install the lock for you, you can find yourself with a warranty issues. Anytime the lock stops working you call a locksmith and the locksmith blames the lock company, or you call the lock company and they blame the locksmith. Mile High Locksmith sells and installs door locks. When you use Mile High Locksmith you get a full warranty for your home door locks.

Car Key Fob Replacement

No need to have your vehicle towed

  • Factory Keys
  • Remotes
  • Fobs
  • Transponder chip keys
  • Cut & Programmed Onsite
  • Mobile locksmith. Our mobile service vans will go wherever you are
  • Store price : No service call charge
Chevy key fob replacement

St. Paul Car Keys

Are y old enough to remember how simple car keys used to be? There are still some that are old enough to be simple, the ones that are mechanical “shaft” devices that fit into a key channel and trip physical tumblers. We can still “Cut” these keys from information on an older car’s “Vin” number. But most vehicles now come equipped with either “Key Fobs” or “Keyless” transponder devices. They’re more technologically advanced for security reasons and require more modern expertise- which we have more than enough of. If you have lost your key device and require car key replacement you will also require locksmith key programming for fobs and transponders. Basically, these require that one key “speaks” to one car so a new key must be “coded” to the vehicle. Don’t worry, each of our mobile units has all the data and technical gear required onboard to perform this task. Of course, your car dealership can perform locksmith key programming as well but the problem there is that almost no dealerships offer their customers a mobile locksmith service to perform the locksmith key programming. So, the customer usually must have to car towed to the dealership to get it done there. Which is more money and more time, and time is money. Better just to get in touch with Mile High Locksmith St. Paul and have us come out and help you. Another thing that is less complex that we can assist you with is a problem with your ignition switch, like if your key won’t turn in ignition or the switch just fails. Our techs are expert in trouble shooting ignition switch problems symptoms and they can diagnose whatever the trouble is with your ignition switch and they have everything in their mobile units to either repair or replace your it. And they will always recommend whatever makes the most sense technically and cost wise.

Locksmith Store at St Paul, MN.

Emergency Locksmith

St. Paul, with our 24/7 mobile units going anywhere in the city Mile High Locksmith is your emergency locksmith. We “get It” that being locked out of your home, business or car is an emergency. You have things to do- AND a lockout really can rise to the level of life threatening. At Mile High Locksmith we will always treat your lockout situation with the professional gravity that it deserves. Whether you find yourself locked out of a home, a business or a car we will get to your side as soon as possible. Our lockout services are second to none, most particularly because of how quickly we respond. It does not matter if you need our house lockout services or our car lockout services it’s a point of pride with us to get to you more quickly than our competition and with the least amount of trouble. We do that by always being directly involved in the process ourselves. Here’s how that works. You can reach us either via our website or by phone at 651-707-8868. When you do, no matter if you are “chatting live” with us or speaking with us you will be dealing DIRECTLY WITH US. Your chat or phone conversation will always be with a salaried employee of Mile High Locksmith and you will NEVER be forwarded to a call center that’s far away and staffed by people who aren’t TRAINED BY US. The result of this policy is that usually you will receive a call from the tech assigned to your case within 2 minutes of your first contact with us and usually you will have that technician by your side within 20 to 45 minutes of the first contact. And, since we have determined that using the website is the fastest way for us to get a tech to your location, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all our services booked via the website. We think of that as a way to help you help us serve you better.

Here’s a tip for a car lockout. In our experience nearly all car insurance companies will pay to get a client who is locked out of their car back into it. So, it may be best for you to contact your insurance company even before you contact us. They might have a program in place to handle your lockout themselves. Or, they may want to call us themselves and send us a work order which keeps the bookkeeping and fee payment between us and them. Or you may want to pay Mile High “out of pocket” and file an insurance claim afterward. We just want to see it handled the best way for you.

So, if you’re having a locksmithing challenge wouldn’t this be a good time to get in touch with us?


When you use our online booking service we will automatically take 10% off of the price of whatever services you ultimately have us perform. Our online appointments page is constantly monitored and our dispatchers are trained to respond quickly to your online request for service and to work around your schedule at all times.

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