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Mile High Locksmith® is a full service commercial locksmith that can meet all of the needs of any commercial organization or operation.

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Talk to a locksmith. We mean FULL SERVICE, 24/7/365 all holidays included, with round the clock live dispatchers. To help us serve you better, please provide more detailed information about your question.

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Free Estimate. If you are not sure how many locks you need to rekey or what you will need us to do, don’t worry. We provide FREE on-site estimates and no service call or any other fees will apply until the job is done.

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Every day people lose their car keys, and it always seems to happen right when they need to leave. Mile High Locksmith® wants to make the rest of the day easy for you.

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Mile High Locksmith® is a mobile locksmith company that can meet all of your locksmith needs 24/7. The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating for locksmith service for the last five years.

GREETINGS MINNEAPOLIS! We are Mile High Locksmith Minneapolis and we know you from 53rd Avenue North to I-35 West, and from Highway 280 to France Avenue! We know that you’re the 45th largest city in America, 5th city in the number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in your 54 square miles, you have over 400,000 inhabitants and that the lifestyles website “niche.com” ranks you #7 as a best city for millennials out of 228 contenders! What a REP! We’re proud to serve you here at Mile High Locksmith Minneapolis! Here’s who we are; Mile high is a 24 hour locksmith and mobile locksmith and we mean that! Summon us and we’ll come to you any hour of any day, including all holidays, anywhere in those 54 square miles! We possess the coveted A rating from the BBB, have over 1000 “5 Star” ratings on Google and have a Subscriber Verified & Approved status with Home Adviser. So, you can count on us and our superb locksmith services. We are YOUR locksmith Minneapolis!

We are a FULL SERVICE mobile locksmith offering the best in front door locks or locks for any of your doors. We sell and install exquisite Schlage locks, Baldwin locks, Kwikset locks, Defiant locks and Yale locks. Whatever locksmithing you need performed at the site of your home or business we will come through for you with flying colors. We can quickly change a lock on a patio door and we provide lock installation services, lock repair services and rekeying locks services. Also, if you keep a locking mailbox we can service that and make you mailbox keys and should you have a gated yard or lot we can sell, install or service any gate lock with key system that you have or require. If you’re having any type of garage door problems we even offer garage door repair! Like when we say we’re a 24 hour locksmith, when we say we’re full service we really mean that to!

Here’s something that we don’t think you’ll find anywhere else. Mile High Locksmith Minneapolis is always happy to send one of our fine technicians out to your site to give you a free no obligations estimate for whatever work you require or desire to have done. And we warranty our work and product for 30 days PLUS we extend our valued customers a no questions asked 3-day RETURNS policy. Really- if the customer is dissatisfied and tells us that within 3 days we’ll come out and remove everything, no charge and no hassles. We doubt that you can beat such a surety in the Minneapolis area!

Minneapolis Car Keys

Car keys have been becoming an ever-greater focus for professional locksmiths in the last several years. Car key replacement and ignition switch problems symptoms just aren’t what they were once upon a time. The increasing security requirements for cars and the technology that has addressed them have changed much of the process. In the old days a simple mechanical key was straight forward and easy to “cut” by referencing the key data that accompanied “VIN” numbers and we still have everything that we need to do that “onboard. But since the inception of the key fobs and “transponder keys” that most modern cars come equipped with it has become necessary to perform locksmith key programming when the customer requires car key replacement. Essentially a specific car must have a specific key “coded” to it. Think of it like this; a new key must be able to “speak” with your car before the car can start and run. Our mobile units have all the data access and technological gear to determine exactly what code each car needs and get the new key coded that way. Of course, a dealership for your car make can perform this service too. But the problem there is that most dealerships DO NOT offer a mobile service and that then usually means that the car must be towed into the dealership. Which costs you more time and money. Given that, it’s usually best to just get in touch with us- 24/7/365- and we’ll be on our way. Also, if the problem is simply with your ignition switch, like a case where key won’t turn in ignition, we are on top of that as well. Each of our mobile units either carries or can quickly acquire the switch that you need or can repair your defective switch if possible. Rest assured, we will always recommend the course of action that best suits your situation in terms of necessity and cost.

Locksmith Minneapolis
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Emergency Locksmith

Mile High Locksmith is the emergency locksmith for Minneapolis. We appreciate that when you find yourself locked out of your home, business or car it really is an emergency. You need to GET IN to your home, business or car. This is another example of how our 24/7 mobile locksmith practice serves Minneapolis so well. Our lockout services provide you a way home or a way back into your business or your car. If you need our house lockout service we will roll ASAP after you contact us but let us just mention something important about a car lockout. In almost all the cases in our experience your car insurance carrier will pay to get you back into your car when you are locked out. This applies both in cases where you have lost your key or where the key is locked in the car. You may want to contact your insurer even before you contact us in case they have some policy or service in place for you. Or they may want to contact us directly themselves with a “Work Order” which keeps all the logistics and payment, except for any deductible, between us and the insurance company. And they may advise you to pay us out of pocket and then file a claim with them. But either way it saves you some money to get your insurer involved in the case.

Before we close this page let us give you a quick brief on contacting us. We can be summoned via our website or by telephone at 651-705-8868. Whichever way you elect to summon us we want you to know that you will be communicating DIRECTLY WITH US. You will NEVER get a remote and disinterested “call center” when you are sending for Mile High Locksmith. Whether you are “Chatting” with us on the website or speaking with us on the phone you will be dealing with a salaried employee of Mile High who is well trained and will provide you the best in customer service. Usually when you use the phone or the website you will receive a call from the technician assigned to your case within 2 minutes of your first contact and then have that tech onsite with you within 20 to 45 minutes. And it illustrates how seriously we take getting to you quickly that, since we have determined using the website is the fastest way to get a tech to you, we always apply a 10% discount to all bookings made online.

If you’re having any sort of a locksmithing problem, home, business or car, you should get in touch with us now.

Locksmith Minnesota
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We Trained Our Technicians To Become Expert Locksmiths. At Mile high we make it a point to send you the very best locksmith. Each of our locksmiths is a highly trained and expert technician. Each of them is also a salaried staffer who has gone through a full and complete background check before they begin work with our company. They are always driving company owned vehicles and using company owned key machines, tools and technology to bring the highest level of service to our clients.

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