Locked Keys in Uhaul

Locked Keys in Uhaul

If you have in the last hour or so determined that you have locked keys in Uhaul storage facility or locked keys in Uhaul truck, well, you’ve found this page and that’s probably the best thing that you can have done given the situation. We are Mile High Locksmith® and what you need to know most about us RIGHT NOW is that we offer Uhaul roadside assistance and storage facility locksmith services AND that we are a full survive 24 hour mobile locksmith including all holidays so we can get to you wherever you are in the Metro Front Range to get you out of this pickle. Relax and take a breath, we have special locksmith tools that will allow us to get you back into a Uhaul rental truck without damaging the lock and we are Master Locksmiths and can secure re-entry to a Uhaul storage unit with no damage to that lock ether. And we don’t need to have a Uhaul employee on site to do this. But with all of this said, we do want to make sure that you have reached out to Uhaul already and made them aware of the situation or left them a message. We presume that if you have done that, and are still about to contact us, that Uhaul isn’t able to help you Right Now. That’s not to cast aspersions on Uhaul, they’re a fine company, but they’re just not 24/7/365 like we are.


A couple of assurances for you about us at Mile High Locksmith®- we’ve been in business in the Front Range for nearly 20 years, we are an A rated company with the BBB, we have over 1000 “5 Star” reviews on Google and we are a Subscriber Verified & Approved company with Home Advisors. So, be calm, you’re in the right place.

Locksmith Roadside Assistance for Uhaul Vehicles

As regards Uhaul roadside assistance what Mile High can provide you is “lock out” service, which means that you have locked the keys in the truck, or key replacement if you have lost the keys to the truck. There will be a lockout fee for getting you back into the truck where the keys hopefully are. And a Uhaul truck lost key fee if key replacement is required. Your rental truck almost certainly has at least the technologically advanced key level of a transponder key or maybe even a keyless entry/ignition “fob”. These are the “programmed” devices that make sure that only one key “talks” to any specific truck. Rest assured that we have all the necessary gear, data access and coding technology onboard our mobile units to get the necessary key created for you. If the above describes your situation so far you may want to skip down and review the procedures for contacting and summoning us to your location, that’s probably the most expedient thing to do right now.

Does U-Haul Have Spare Keys

You have already asked yourself whether Uhaul has spare keys to help you out. In most cases, probably not, but they might- so if you haven’t called them you should do so before summoning us. Once you are certain that they won’t be able to help you in a timely fashion then that’s the time to summon Mile High Locksmith® if you have a locked keys inside U-Haul situation or a lost key to a Uhaul truck scenario. Remember that if we must replace a lost key there will be a Uhaul lost key fee or if it’s a lockout scenario there’ll be a fee for getting you back in the vehicle. If you have a Uhaul storage lost key there’s a fee for re-entry to the unit and one for making replacement keys if the storage keys have been completely lost.


We just mention these fees again because we want to “Shoot Straight” with you right from the start.

Contact Mile High Locksmith

Mile High Locksmith® may be summoned to your location in one of two ways, either online by cellphone, tablet or PC or with a telephone call to 1-800-351-0548. What we want you to be completely aware of is that each of these contact points is monitored LIVE 24/7/365 and whether you elect to chat with us by phone or “live chat” with us on the website you will be communicating directly with a customer service professional who is a salaried employee of Mile High. We will NEVER shuffle you off to some far away contracted call center, NEVER. The situation that you’re in right now will be treated as urgent and usually we will have the technician who has been assigned your case on the phone with you directly within 2 minutes of your first contact with us. Then, usually, we will have that tech standing by your side within 20 to 45 minutes. To illustrate how dedicated we are to be in Rapid Response Mode in these circumstances please be advised that, since we have determined that the fastest way for us to get a tech to your location is by having you use the website to summon us, we automatically apply a 10% discount to all services booked that way. We encourage you to summon us via the website and save yourself a little money while also helping us reach you in the most expeditious way possible.


So, reach out to us for Uhaul roadside assistance or storage unit assistance. LIVE Staff are on duty, alert and ready to assist you NOW.


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