Locksmith services at Buckley Air Force Base

Car keys locked inside at Buckley AFB

Mile High Locksmith ™ is the original car key company that provides automotive locksmith services at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado. We are experts in many car models, and can always make you a new key right at the parking lot inside the base.

Did you know that Mile High Locksmith ™ can make you a new replacement key for your car at Buckley AFB, just from your vehicles VIN number or key code?

When you have lost your keys to your car or truck and your vehicle is parked inside the Buckley AFB parking lot, Mile High Locksmith ™ can send one of our service vans to you, get inside and cut and program a new key for you right on spot.

What we will need from you:

  • You will need to have proof of ownership to your vehicle. Either the title or vehicle registration, as well as an ID such as your drivers license.
  • You will need to let the gate know that you have visitors, a locksmith company that will need about an hour to make you a new key to your vehicle.
  • You will need to wait for our technician at the gate.

Car keys locked inside at Buckley AFB

  • If you locked your car keys inside your vehicle, Mile High Locksmith ™ will be able to send you our service van right away to unlock your vehicle inside the base.
  • You will need to let the gate know that there is a locksmith on the way to come and unlock your vehicle for you. Unlocking the vehicle should only take a few minutes to do.
  • We accept credit cards, debit cards, or cash payments, after we provide the service for you. If your wallet or purse is locked inside, do not worry, we will unlock the vehicle first. If you do not have any form of payments, we also accept payments over the phone. After our technician finishes his work, he will be able to call to any phone number you give him, and just key in the credit card or debit card information into his machine.
  • We are open everyday 24 hours, including weekends and holidays.

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