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Archive for month: September, 2015

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key replacement

With the 2014 and 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee smart key you can lock and unlock your doors as well as open and close the lift gate from up to 50 feet away. In addition to the Jeep’s alarm, this vehicle has an anti-theft security system installed. The anti-theft security system has nothing to do with unlocking or locking the Jeep’s doors.  The Jeep Grand Cherokee smart key anti-theft security system has a wireless connection between the key and the Jeep’s ECU immobilizer, also known as the computer. When the Jeep’s ECU immobilizer doesn’t recognize the key, it will prevent the vehicle from starting.


Lost Jeep Key Replacement

In a case you need a lost Jeep key replacement, there are basically two places we recommend you call. The first place is the Jeep dealership and the second place is an automotive locksmith. The difference between the two will be the cost and type of service. We recommend you shop around between the two and always make sure to get the final cost over the phone.

How to replace a lost Jeep key

As we said above, there is a difference between the type of service offered between the dealership and an automotive locksmith. The dealership will ask you to bring the vehicle in whereas an automotive locksmith will be able to provide you with mobile service at the Jeep’s location.

Remote Proximity Keyless Entry Jeep

Where can you buy a Jeep key replacement? How to program a Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob?

First, we would like to warn you and encourage you to be more careful about where you buy Jeep Grand Cherokee keys and who you allow to program those keys for you. There are many websites online that sell those types of keys for a cheap price. Obviously there is a reason why those keys are sold for such a cheap price. In many cases they are not the original keys made by Jeep. They are just knockoff keys that have been made in different countries. We normally see that keys that are not original keys have problems with the chip inside of them not being the right one. We also see very often that these keys stop working after a very short time. We encourage you to spend a bit more money on the key and always purchase the original key. This can save you money in the long run.

Second, we often find locksmith companies buying programming machines that are not the same as the original machines from different countries around the world so they can save money. The problem with these machines is that when they are connected to your vehicle’s computer, in many cases, they can actually damage your Jeep’s computer in the process of trying to program your key.

Basically, we recommend you buy your Jeep key from the dealership or from a licensed locksmith company. If you do contact a locksmith company, be aware there are a lot of advertisement companies that will send you an unlicensed contractor. Always make sure that the company you call has a good reputation which is easy to find out just by searching the companies name online. If you do not find the company name online or if you find too many companies sharing the same name, it is safe to say avoid this company.

Can you program a Jeep key fob yourself?

No, you cannot program a Jeep key fob yourself. In order to program this key, a key programming diagnostic machine has to be connected to the Jeep’s immobilizer. Only an automotive locksmith or Jeep dealership will have these machines.

The Jeep emergency key is made specifically for emergency situations. Although this key can work for an unlimited amount of time on your Jeep, the reason Jeep made this key is to allow you to have a solution to lock and unlock your Jeep’s doors and to be able to start and drive your vehicle in case you have lost your original key. This key has no push buttons on it but still has an invisible electronic chip inside the key head. This key looks like a traditional key and you can use it to manually unlock the doors and have it programmed to the vehicle’s immobilizer in order to start the engine. One of the benefits of this key is you can purchase it at a lower cost than the smart proximity key.

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