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Subaru Forester key replacement

Most Subaru Forester SUV keys are easy to make or copy. If your Subaru Forester was made in the year 2004 or before, you can copy your key at a hardware store such as Ace Hardware or through a locksmith company. If your Subaru Forester was made in the years 2005 to 2011, the security system became more advanced and even just to make a key copy will become difficult and expensive. Mile High Lock and Key is a Subaru key expert company located in Denver, Colorado. Below, we have shared with you some information about what type of key your Subaru Forester has and what you can do if you have a key or lock problem.

Spare key for Subaru Forester
If your Subaru Forester was made in the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, or 2004, then your midsize SUV will have just a simple key, or what we like to call an “old fashioned key.” Most of these keys are easy to copy and can be copied at many hardware stores or at a locksmith store.
If your Subaru Forester midsize SUV was made in the year 2005 or after, there are only two ways you can make a spare key. The first way is to go to a Subaru dealership and the second way will be to go through a locksmith company. The difference between the dealership and the locksmith will be the price. What we recommend you do is to shop around for the better price between the two.

Subaru Forester key replacement

Where and how can I get a key replacement for my Forester? What can I do if my midsize SUV key was stolen and I want to change the key? You can get a key replacement for your Subaru Forester through a Subaru dealership or through a locksmith. The difference between the two will be the type of service and the cost. Something else that can make a difference between the locksmith and the Subaru dealership services will be the year of your Subaru Forester. If your Subaru Forester was made in the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2011, your key will need to be cut and programmed to your midsized SUV. If your Subaru Forester is between the years 2009 and 2011, besides your key needing to be programmed, the key is also a high security key and can only be cut by a laser machine. Why is there a price difference between the locksmith and dealership? How can you cancel any old working keys and get a new key to your SUV?

There is a price difference between a locksmith company and a Subaru dealership because in a case where you have lost your key and have no spare, a Subaru dealership will ask you to tow you SUV in, whereas a locksmith will be able to cut and program you a key wherever your Forester is located. Tip: If you have full coverage through your insurance company, you may be eligible for free towing and they may even pay for some of the service for making a new key. We recommend you to shop around for prices.
If the key to your Subaru Forester was stolen, or maybe the person who has a key, and won’t give it back, there is a cost effective way to change your midsize SUV key. If your Subaru Forester was made in the year 2005 and after, you can reprogram a new key. By reprogramming a new key, you will cancel any old working key to your SUV, making the other keys unusable.

Subaru Forester key won’t come out
There are two reasons why your key won’t come out of the ignition or door locks, or why the key can mess up the locks.

The first reason is because the key is worn out. If your key is worn out, each time you use this key and turn your ignition or door lock the key is scraping one of the parts inside. What we recommend you do, is that if you are still able to take the key out, stop using this key as soon as possible and go to either a locksmith company or Subaru dealership and ask them to make you a new key either by the VIN number or key code.
The second reason why your key will not come out or will not turn your Subaru Forester’s ignition, is because one of the parts in the ignition cylinder or door lock is stuck. What we recommend you to do is call a locksmith and have them rekey the door or ignition lock for you.

Subaru Forester keyless entry remote
We recommend you use a locksmith company or Subaru dealership to program a keyless entry remote. Tip: You can save some money by ordering a Subaru Forester keyless entry remote online and then having a locksmith program it for you. The websites we recommend you try are,,, or

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