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Mini Cooper key replacement

Cutting your high security Mini Cooper key

Mini Cooper key information and recommendations from a locksmith company in Denver, Colorado.  

Mini Cooper key replacement

If you bought a used Mini Cooper and the car does not have a second key, then the price to get a second key can be costly and difficult. We recommend that you try negotiating with the seller about getting a second key. The best place to find out about pricing for your Mini Cooper replacement key is the Mini Cooper dealership.


Buying a key blank may cost only a few dollars, however you will still need to add fees for cutting the key and programing it to the car.

Mini Cooper locksmith information

Most locksmith companies will not be able to match the price to the prices of the Mini Cooper dealership or even make the key at all.

How to program a second Mini Cooper key, or adding a key

If you have a master key then a second key can be very easily programed. The master key should be the one with the two buttons on it.
If you buy a new Mini Cooper key from the dealership it will come with instructions on how to easily add it or program it to your car.

Cutting your high security Mini Cooper key

If you cannot get your key cut information from the car VIN number, most Mini Cooper cars have the key code on the door lock, the ignition lock, or the trunk lock. Your high security Mini cooper key should unlock the car doors, trunk and start the engine.


As always we recommend a Mini Cooper high security key, key fob or smart key straight from the Mini Cooper dealership. We highly recommend it especially for Mini Cooper cars. You can buy a key on ebay or other online websites such as aftermarket keys at your own risk, but beware these keys sometimes cannot be programed for unknown reasons or even fail after a few uses.

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