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Jimmy proof deadbolt

Old fashioned deadbolt

A jimmy proof deadbolt is an old fashioned lock design that replaces the traditional deadbolt locks you can find on many residential doors. It is a great lock to use on old doors, and is a very common lock that you can find on old houses, light doors, and old garage doors.

Old fashioned deadbolt. Jimmy-Proof Lock vs Deadbolt. What is great about the jimmy-proof lock is that you can install it on many doors that the traditional deadbolt does not fit. The reason is because the jimmy-proof deadbolt lock is installed on the door surface itself and not on the inside of the door. It gives you the option to install a deadbolt lock on a door that doesn’t line up with the door frame. The only thing that needs to line up between the door and the door frame is the jimmy proof deadbolt itself. You can adjust this lock easily with the lock screws and parts. The jimmy-proof deadbolt lock comes with a deadbolt core for the outside of the door and a turn handle on the inside of the door. You can order different kinds of key cores to use with this lock. It is also possible for these keys to match the rest of your house keys.

How to install a jimmy-proof deadbolt:

It can be a challenge to install the lock yourself. If you have the experience and the right tools, it can be an easy job to do. That is why we recommend that you think about paying the extra money and have a professional locksmith install it for you. If you in the Denver metro area call us at: (720) 248-8087 or email us: If you are in a different state you can find locksmiths that are recommended by the ALOA locksmith association website.

If you still want to try to install the jimmy-proof deadbolt lock yourself, first you will need to buy this lock. You can find this lock online by doing a search for jimmy-proof deadbolt. You can also find this lock in many hardware stores. When you buy this lock, it will come with a simple installation instruction book.

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